From co-tenants to co-tenure-trackers, see how our colleagues do their research on Greenland's Ice Sheet and more Read online
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Dear readers,
Welcome to the last newsletter of the year 2020! This year started promising with powerful climate movements that rapidly gained momentum. However, soon these movements were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and, right now, we witness the battle for presidentship in the USA.
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From co-tenants to co-tenure-trackers
Michiel Baatsen and Claudia Wieners set up an Earth System Modelling group at IMAU
'When we were flatmates seven years ago, we couldn’t have guessed that we would end up as tenure trackers starting a climate modelling group at IMAU – or could we?'
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See how our colleagues do their research on Greenland's Ice Sheet
How do we measure the mass loss of the Greenland Ice Sheet? Join climate scientist Maurice van Tiggelen on a fieldtrip to Greenland and take a look at the images of the work and atmosphere for yourself (text only in Dutch).
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ENW Klein for Thomas Röckmann
The board of NWO domain Science has awarded the application 'CloudRoots - Clouds rooted in a heterogeneous biosphere' to Jordi Vilà (WUR) and Thomas Röckmann (UU/ IMAU) in the Open Competition ENW-KLEIN.
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VENI grant for Lennart Stap
With his VENI grant climate researcher Lennart Stap will produce computer simulations of the Miocene (23-14 million years ago), to enhance knowledge of Antarctic ice sheet volume changes in a warmer climate.
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Erik van Sebille wins the Agnites Vrolik Award for his research into plastic-free oceans
Van Sebille develops software that models ocean currents and can therefore map out the journey of plastic waste in the oceans.
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Erik van Sebille wins first ERC Public Engagement with Research Award
Van Sebille receives the award in the category Press and media relations for the public outreach activities around his ERC project Tracking Of Plastic In Our Seas (TOPIOS).
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The weather challenge: celebrating the art of careful observation
Peter Kuipers Munneke looks back on the public engagement project The Weather challenge, a tribute to the Utrecht professor Marcel Minnaert. 
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50 years after Minnaert
Who was this brilliant solar physicist, who passed away 50 years ago this month? An ode to a great populariser of science, who earned an international reputation with his research on the sun, the symbol of our university.
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Scientists launch online platform for climate questions
On 29 October, the new was launched by a group of scientists organised as Scientists4FutureNL, including from IMAU. At that website, anyone can ask questions about climate that will then be answered and peer-reviewed by experts. The launch was a big success, with more than 50 new questions submitted in the first week. If you are interested in helping out as an expert, please get in contact with the KlimaatHelpdesk.
IMAU scientists in the media
An unintentional experiment with astonishing results, Greenland to lose ice far faster this century than in the past 12,000 years and do you know what a pileus is?

Check the overview of media appearances from our scientists. Most articles are in Dutch, but quite a few are in English.
There is always interesting weather somewhere
We are very interested in the careers of our  former Climate Physics Master students. In this edition Leon Saris tells us about the choices he has made.

'As meteorologist at Infoplaza I now work for Dutch companies that somehow depend on weather conditions.'
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