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First students will return to university buildings on June 15
Students in practicum courses and students who need specific supervision from study advisors or teachers might be able to return to university from June 15 on. They will receive definitive word by early June.  Read more

Labs reopen: smaller capacity and one-way traffic in the hallways
Clean your hands at the disinfection station, sign in at the reception desk, grab a stylus pen with a rubber tip to operate lifts and coffee machines, and then walk to your desk by following the one-way route that’s indicated by a path of stickers. For now, this is the new normal for UU researchers and lab employees. Read more

‘I'm moving because of the nuisance’
Some students at the Cambridgelaan are so fed up with the nuisance of exchange students that they want to move as soon as possible. "Even with earplugs, I'm kept awake all night.". Read more


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Student affairs
2000 Additional student rooms, waiting time reduced by 1 year
Over the next five years, 2000 additional student rooms will have to be built in Utrecht, on top of the 3500 already planned. This should reduce the waiting time for students by one year. Read more

Four parties in the race for student seats in University Council again
Next week, UU students will be able to vote for one of four parties that already make up the current University Council, it was announced online on Monday. This means the first fully online campaign for the elections will take place without the First-Year Party. Read more

A quarter of international students scrap plans to study in the Netherlands
Only four in ten prospective students from outside Europe are still determined to come to the Netherlands to study, according to a survey by Nuffic. Due to the corona crisis, 25 percent have abandoned their application, while the rest are still in doubt. Read more

'Privacy is not yet anchored into the UU’s mind'
“If you feel privacy must yield, you have to provide a good substantiation of your argument", says  Artan Jacquet, officer for data protection at Utrecht University. "I haven’t heard any in the discussion about Zoom and proctoring." Read more

‘Quality young teachers is not rewarded'
Imagine: you have obtained your master's degree and are applying for a nice job as a junior teacher at Utrecht University. You are hired. You work hard and grow as an educational expert. Unfortunately, your career ends after four years. Not because you do not qualify as a teacher, but because you have not obtained a PhD. Read more

Oscar Wildebeest
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Research and science
'Antibodies have the potential of fighting infectious diseases'
Two years ago, Berend Jan Bosch and his colleagues created 51 antibodies against the previous SARS virus. Now it turns out that one of them also blocks the new coronavirus. During a press conference he explained his discovery to the international media. Read more

Leak in Kruyt building yet another blow to researchers
A tear in the pipes of the cooling water system caused massive problems in the Kruyt building this weekend. Researchers had to rush to bring the contents of coolers and freezers to safety. It’s still unknown what the exact damage to their material is. Read more

New climatic chambers end suffering of UU plant researchers
After a disastrous six months, plant researchers at the UU finally have more faith in the future. Their malfunctioning climatic chambers in the Kruyt building will be completely renovated. Moreover, fifty affected young researchers will see their contracts extended. Read more

Multi-million-euro open science deal with Elsevier
Dutch universities and research institutions have reached an agreement with the scientific publisher Elsevier on open access publishing and open science. Read more

Dutch Research Council and the lockdown: ‘Women harder hit than men’
The current crisis has thrown the allocation of research funding by the Dutch Research Council NWO into chaos. But when it comes to shifting deadlines, the action group Athena's Angels fears female scientists are at a disadvantage. Read more

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