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Last week the UU was often in the news. DUB, the independent news site for Utrecht University, publishes new articles almost every day. In this newsletter DUB has collected the most striking articles and blogs. You’ll find more news on the DUB website.
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UU faces criticism for project plan diversity: ‘University is off its rocker’
A request for an emergency debate with two ministers did not get sufficient support in the Lower House of the government, but official questions have been sent in. What’s going on? Read more

Plan S: ‘Everyone needs to get to work on open access now’
It sent a shockwave through the world of science: scientists felt completely blindsided by this fall’s launch of Plan S. All parties need to act now, according to the UU Library’s three experts. “So not just the research financers and the publishers.” Read more. Read more

Utrecht University appoints PhD psychologist
PhD candidates at the UU who struggle with stress, depression, or other mental health issues, will soon be given more support. Utrecht University, following an initiative at the TU Delft, is hiring a psychologist who’s specialised in their issues. Read more

Increasingly more international students in Dutch lecture halls
Foreign students increasingly choose a Dutch university or university of applied sciences. Their number has doubled in the past ten years. Especially university master's programs are popular. Read more

Win tickets for singer-songwriter Pip Blom in EKKO
Student activities
When your Dutch buddy becomes more
Student network BuddyGoDutch connects internationals with Dutch students, with the aim of starting friendships. Sometimes sparks fly, and students become more than just friends. Read more

Cool to set up a restaurant with students for charity'
video The pop-up restaurant Happietaria started again last week. This time the restaurant is located in Molen De Ster. The restaurant is run entirely by students and the proceeds are for a good cause. DUB follows student Rianne Hop on one of the first days. Read more

Question Everything
blog If we associate a question with the work or study we do, we will do it faster and better than anyone around us. International master student Artifical Intelligence Priyanka Singhvi explains why questioning brings clarity. Read more

Texting on your bike will cost you 95 euros
Texting whilst cycling could cost you in the future. Those who are caught will be fined 95 euro, starting 1 July. Read more

Gold for tug-of-war team
A team of six UU students of Veterinary Medicine won the Open National Tug-of-War Championships this weekend. A surprising first.
This coming week, you’ll find articles on international students, UU- educational investments, and how to study as a student in a disciplined way. You can find more articles at the DUB website
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