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In-house relationship? Stolen kisses out of view of your roommates
Of course, you could declare your love to a roommate today. But first think: do you want a relationship with one of your neighbors? Most student houses are not exactly happy on with romantic get-togethers in a student house. On the other hand, this can contribute to the excitement. Read more

‘Sloppy science is often not intentional, but due to lack of knowledge’
Research integrity isn’t on everyone’s minds yet, says UU professor of Jurisprudence Ton Hol, who was the main author of a report for a network of European universities on this subject. Universities should work on that. Read more

Wanted: people with an opinion
Do you feel things should be different/better at the UU? And do you want your voice to be heard? Then sign up for our DUB panel. Read more

Win tickets for We Are The City & Hope in TivoliVredenburg
New living room for students on Princetonplein
Students in De Uithof get a new livingroom. It will be a place where study associations can hold drinks and activities and students can relax. Finally the popular 'Vagant', which was demolished two years ago, will have a successor. Read more

For students pressure to perform begins before their studies start
When UU students start at university, they already feel like they have to perform and excel. In this, they differ from previous generations of students. Read more

Chronic illness at university
Campus Columnist Sometimes you're just too sick to go to class; missing one class isn't a big deal. But when you have a chronic illness, you have to skip class more often than is allowed. Worse than skipping class, though, is dealing with your classmates when they don't believe your illness is genuine. Read more

Oscar Wildebeest
A room in the 'Waterman'
Also interesting
Barrage of questions about use of English at universities
The House of Representatives is still unhappy with the fact that the University of Twente and Eindhoven University of Technology have elevated English to the status of official language of communication at their respective institutions. Read more

Uithoflijn seems to be a success due to record number of travellers
Most tram travellers agree that the Uithoflijn feels like a relief compared to bus 12. "You can say that we have achieved our goal of transporting more travellers" Read more

‘Academic education is central to the ideal university'
Every student should spend the second half of the second year exclusively on courses in liberal education. Taught in Dutch only, taken care of by the Humanities department. This statement is made by Professor Emeritus Floris Cohen, author of the book De ideale universiteitRead more

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