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More than thirty UU students recalled from Italy
UU students who were studying in Italy received the urgent advice to return to the Netherlands. The outbreak of the corona virus has also led to the UU recommending students from the Dutch province Noord Brabant who are experiencing any symptoms of illness to stay home. Read more

University seriously considering windmills at Utrecht Science Park
UU will investigate whether it’s possible to place two large windmills at Utrecht Science Park. The most probable location is near traffic junction Rijnsweerd. The university generating its own energy would contribute to the ambition of having a carbon-neutral campus by 2030. Read more

UU is considering a second broad English-language science bachelor programme
The Faculty of Science is investigating the possibility of a new English-language broad bachelor’s programme. Among other things, this should ensure that the number of Utrecht students in the field of physics and inorganic chemistry increases. Read more

Join the discussion about the future of DUB
DUB is looking for students and employees of the UU who’d like to share their opinions about our medium.
Hey Holland! Do Better
blog Britt de Visser urges Dutch universities to implement stricter preventative measures in order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Read more

Landlady requests tenant to stay away for fear of coronavirus
With surprise, a 22-year-old UU student read a WhatsApp message from his landlady last week. She requested that he stay away from his room for now, for fear of being infected with the coronavirus. Read more

Student affairs
‘It’s an illusion to think you can separate yourself from your identity’
Students who discover their identity by travelling a lot. It’s just not really student Ruben Ros’ thing. By pretending to be better than the people who are stuck in a uniform identity, you place yourself above others. For real engagement, you don’t have to drag your yoga mat to Thailand. Read more

Recipe Week: A Cure for Midterms
campus columnist Take a breath and bake. That is the advice of Keerthi Sridharan. ‘If you're stressed out, the bread won’t rise.’ Read more

Cabinet: we are going to limit institutional tuition fees
If all goes well, Dutch students will have to pay less if they try to obtain a second degree. Read more

From the city centre to the Utrecht Science Park
UU investigating options for new educational cluster in city centre
In a few years’ time, students at the faculties of Law and Humanities might take their classes in a new educational cluster between Achter St. Pieter and Achter De Dom. An important question the plan raises is what will happen to the Pnyx building – which currently houses 36 student organisations. Read more

Safe from A to the Utrecht Science Park
A rushing professor on a super-fast bike, a student who is not quite awake yet and tens of thousands of other cyclists make their way to the Utrecht Science Park in the morning. The bike paths are overcrowded and sometimes this can lead to unsafe situations. What tips are there for getting to class safely? Read more

Make UU a no fly university
blog If you come to work or study at the UU, you promise not to fly anymore. Not for work, not for study, not for personal reasons. That is the proposal that environmental philosopher Floris van den Berg makes to make UU a truly sustainable institution. Read more

Win tickets for Andy Shauf in TivoliVredenburg
Is the Netherlands chasing top research away?
Next month, the first human will be treated with organoids – mini organs, grown in a lab. If it works, it’ll be a revolution for medical science. An impressive feat of Utrecht-grown innovation. Except: the treatment will take place in Japan. Read more

Why would the alliance with Wageningen and Eindhoven be successful this time?
Utrecht University and the University’s Medical Centre, will work closer together with the universities of Wageningen and Eindhoven. A fund worth 24 million euros will be established for the next four years. With ‘challenges’ in education and multidisciplinary research, the institutions aim to tackle global issues. Read more

Young researchers to be sent packing?
If the education minister has her way, Dutch universities may soon be trimming their temporary job contracts – even if it puts an end to the academic ambitions of some young researchers. Read more

Also interesting
Three more canteens closed: who are the people who worked there for years?
We’re going to miss them, those familiar faces in the university canteens. No more chats about soup, or waiting for home-made pizzas. DUB said goodbye to a number of employees. Read more

Award for best UU teacher goes to Middelburg for the second time
The Outstanding Teacher Award was awarded to a teacher at Zeeland’s University College Roosevelt. Gerda Andringa, teacher of Liberal Arts & Sciences at the UU branch in Middelburg, was announced as winner of the most important education award the university has to offer during the Education Parade. Read more

Elsevier reports women gaining ground in research
Worldwide, women in research continue to trail far behind men. But the gap is narrowing, science publisher Elsevier reports. In the Netherlands women are gradually catching up. Read more

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