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Less office space: no ‘flex gardens’, but also: not always having your own spot
‘I’m never going to sit in an open-plan office.’ This was an oft-heard sentiment this fall, when the UU announced it wanted to greatly diminish its office space. DUB asked Delft-based expert Wim Pullen about the alternatives. Read more

‘Travel grants for ‘green’ UU students
UU students planning an exchange period in Europe, can soon get reimbursed for the journey to their host university – if they travel there by train or bus. Read more

‘Creative writing should be more than a hobby class’
Should creative writing be a real academic programme at Utrecht University? A few teachers think so. The humanities faculty is going to evaluate the role of creative writing and if this could be upgraded. “Stanford, Harvard and Berkeley all have it.” Read more

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DUB is looking for students and employees of the UU who’d like to share their opinions about our medium.
Student voices
Double Up!
blog Any student studying in Utrecht is familiar with the struggle of finding a room. Exchange student Britt de Visser encourages struggling room seekers to consider taking a page out of America’s book and doubling up with a roommate to help alleviate the issue. Read more

Living the present with an eye on the future
blog How to find time and energy to focus on your future? Blogger and bachelorstudent Mario Parolari suggests that career events and orientation days should be more integrated in study programmes. “The free time and general wellbeing of students will profit from it.” Read more

Five years after the occupation of the Maagdenhuis
Five years ago, the occupation of the Maagdenhuis made front page news. But did the protesters ever get what they demanded? The demands made by teachers and employees are heard better than ever, but not much has been achieved in the way of democratisation. Read more

Oscar Wildebeest
A room in the 'Waterman'
Also interesting
New study: 'Raise the visibility of postdoctoral researchers'
Postdoctoral researchers at Dutch universities struggle with uncertain career prospects, stress and depression. Researchers are raising the alarm and arguing for better guidance and real job profiles for postdocs. Read more

How will the Labour Inspectorate handle academics’ complaints about work pressure?
The Labour Inspectorate has scheduled fourteen visits to universities after a complaint from the WOinActie protest movement about the immense work pressure experienced by many academics. Read more

DUB is looking for an editor internationalisation
Are you well acquainted with Utrecht University and student life, with a special interest in the international community at the university? We are looking for an editor internationalisation to join the DUB team. You can apply until the 8th of March. Read more

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