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How long is the corona crisis going to last? And what will the university look like when the measurements become a bit more flexible? Those are the questions the university is eager to answer. DUB, the independent news site for Utrecht University, publishes new articles almost every day. For a complete overview of our news and articles,
Hot news
Sick and quarantined at the IBB: ‘My roommates brought food to my room’
Did I catch the coronavirus? thought physics student Felix (19) when he became ill last month. To be safe, he and his two sick housemates decided to self-quarantine in their rooms. “The first two days were the worst.” Read more

A lot of uncertainty about corona rules student units
At the IBB complex, students were approached by the police when they were eating together on the lawn in front of their house. According to the officers, this was a social gathering, because although the students live in one unit, they do not form a household. Read more

Students on taking exams at home
The first exams in the corona era are done. For most students, that meant: plodding online in a crowded student house on the final test of block 3. Advantage: you could often keep your book at hand. But focusing seems more difficult.  Read more

Pharmacy students help pharmacies in times of corona
Working and learning go hand in hand, in the case of the assistance UU pharmacy students are offering pharmacies. Fourth-year student Jelle, for example, transports medication from the pharmacies to the intensive care, and alumnus and pharmacist Ramon Contrucci is happy with the extra help. Read more

PhD ceremonies: to postpone or not to postpone.
Because of the corona crisis, PhD ceremonies can’t take place at Utrecht University for the time being. The PhD candidates have a choice: do you want to hold your ceremony online, or do you want to postpone it by six months? Read more

Possibly fewer internationals: few emergency scenarios yet
There is a chance that universities of applied sciences and universities will soon be able to welcome fewer students from abroad. This could have considerable financial consequences, but some institutions do not want to get ahead of things yet. Read more

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Student and corona
Students are allowed to use the public transport card three months longer
Due to the corona crisis, students make little use of their student public transport card. That is why they are allowed to travel with it for three months longer, reports the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Read more

Studying and working at a metre and a half, how are we going to do that?
Crowded lecture halls are a sight that won't be seen in the near future. Universities will have to adapt to the 'meter and a half' situation.  In Utrecht, a working group wants to come up with recommendations quickly. Read more

Many Erasmus students still on exchange, but at home
According to a survey by the Erasmus Student Network, a quarter of exchanges had already been cancelled by the end of March. But a lot of classes did continue online. Read more

Still five UU students abroad against their will
There are still five students from Utrecht who would like to return to the Netherlands, but are unable to do so because of the corona measures. The students are in Cameroon, Peru, and Australia. Read more

‘Instagram is filled with workouts’
You can stay healthy without going to the gym. Students and employees have found different ways. And if you really miss Olympos you can always check their YouTube channel.  Read more

High schoolers bring stress with them to college
Secondary school girls in the vwo level of Dutch education experience the most pressure from their schoolwork. Gloominess, fear, and psychosomatic complaints are linked to this pressure, and sometimes linger even when these pupils become students. Read more

How can academic teachers improve themselves?
With the research ‘young blood’ Esther van Dijk conducts, ‘old dog’ Manon Kluijtmans can improve policies to recognise and evaluate teachers at university in a proper way, and provide them with clear options for further professional development.  Read more

Testing students when they're at home? How does that work?
students are also going to have to take tests at home in their student room. Programmes want to avoid exuberant Whatsapp consultations about answers. "But the basis is trust."  Read more

Research and science
Tens of millions for corona research
The Netherlands is spending several tens of millions of euros on immediate corona research. Leiden University has already started its own crowdfunding campaign. Read more

Chemist makes his own face masks, and he wants everyone to wear them
Associate professor Andrei Petoukhov makes a plea for wearing face masks. He’s surprised so few people are wearing them, even though they’re quite easy to make. Read more

Corona software: ‘Sharing data feels uncomfortable’
Video calls with shadowy American software? Being filmed during an online exam? Douwe Schmidt, privacy activist, thinks it's best to ask critical questions about this. Read more

Education Association: establish emergency fund for researchers and PhD candidates
Because of the corona crisis, many researches and PhD candidates are having trouble with their research. The General Education Association (Aob) is urging minister Van Engelshoven to establish an emergency fund. Read more

Oscar Wildebeest
Other interesting news
Parties University Council: Concerns about online election battle remain
There will be elections for the student seats in the university council and the faculty councils before the summer, even though all students will still be at home. That was not the preference of three of the four student parties. Read more

Windfalls keep UU’s piggy bank overflowing
Utrecht University hasn’t managed to deplete some of its reserves. The intention was to spend 31.3 million euros more than the university earned, but the reserves have only diminished by 300,000 euros. But the UU hasn't been stingy this year. Read more

Eurest and Spar University are going to provide UU students and staff with lunch
Caterer Eurest will take care of most of the university restaurants plus the lunch meetings. Spar University will provide lunch at a minimum of two locations, "but hopes for a third". Read more

Municipality sets limits on temporary rentals to international students
The growing need among international students and expats for temporary accommodation in Utrecht must not be at the expense of the availability and affordability of housing in the city. Read more

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