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‘Racism at the university isn’t a system, it’s a climate’
Two UU-students and two scientists shared their experience with racism, on and off campus, with DUB. "The problem is more that there’s fairly little awareness amongst white, Dutch students about the way they’re complicit in racism." Read more

It takes a little getting used to, that first time back in the lab (video)
Almost thirty first-year Chemistry students were allowed to return to their labs in the Koningsberger building. Even though they could prepare themselves at home, the start was a little rocky. Read more

Student associations cautiously reopen: ‘The beer really tastes better here’
After a nearly three-month closure, student associations in Utrecht can now start to cautiously open their doors again. They have to follow the same guidelines for their drinks as restaurants, cafés and bars, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Read more

Frustrated UU board restarts education in low-power mode
While schools, museums, libraries and bars are reopening across the country, the university campuses are still in a far-reaching state of lockdown. That’s a bitter pill to swallow. How to continue with education at the UU? Read more

Students facing money issues – how the university is showing its corona compassion
The university is assisting students who are facing financial troubles as a result of the corona crisis. Students who are unable to pay their tuition on time, for instance, will be met with leniency, and there’s a compensation regulation for non-EER students who experience delays. Read more

UU: racism debate calls for self-reflection
Utrecht University wants to organise talks about reducing racism within the institution. Students and teachers are asked to share their experiences with discrimination. According to UU, the worldwide protests force them to look in the mirror. Read more

#blackintheivory: scholars share their experiences of racism
Various researchers reveal that racism is a problem in the academic world too. They are sharing their stories using the hashtag #blackintheivory. Read more

Gender quota is a step backwards for individual freedom
If the university introduces a gender quota people are appointed because they are women. Then, women and minorities are pushed into the role of victim. This is the opinion of the students Allie Fredrich and Prerna Chaudhary. Read more


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Student home in times of corona : It isn't boring
During the quarantine, this student house in the Ramstraat organised friday afternoon drinks and a philosophical evening for themselves. And they even created their own university library. Read more

Rectors: a generation of students could be lost
The rectors of Dutch universities write in an opinion piece that they fear for their students’ development if options for lecture hours remain limited. The school leaders call for more room for students. Read more

Monica Lanz does not wait for the Olympics and becomes a researcher at UU
She always saw the Olympics in Tokyo as the logical end of her rowing career. But Triton rower Monica Lanz doesn't want to continue another year to go the Olympics. "I had been looking forward to life after rowing too much to continue." Read more

From open science to open education
Exchange students had to return to the Netherlands this spring. Next semester, a course abroad is not happening yet either. Student Jesse Wijlhuizen went looking for an alternative. He followed an intensive course from home at the prestigious London School of Economics. Read more

Handful of UUers allowed to study in the University Library and work at university again
From June 15 students are allowed to return to the University Library to study there, and flexible workplaces are available in several buildings for university employees. Read more

Court sides with University of Amsterdam on use of surveillance software
The University of Amsterdam (UvA) can continue to use surveillance software during online exams. This is the outcome of preliminary proceedings brought before the Amsterdam District Court by two student councils and a UvA student. Read more

More students apply for UU programmes
The number of students who applied for a study programme at Utrecht University has grown by 10 percent compared to last year. These are first-year bachelor’s and master’s and international students. How many of these students will actually come to study in Utrecht will only be known later this year. Read more


Utrecht Made wants people to buy locally made things. Anything from a musical box playing the Utrecht classic ‘Als ik boven op de Dom kom’ to locally brewed beer. DUB is giving away three Utrechtbonnen (Utrecht vouchers). To win one of them you have to send your name, address and phone number to before June 29.

Research and science
‘Technology is not a miracle cure for corona’
Together with sixty other scientists, distinguished professor José van Dijck sent an urgent letter to prime minister Rutte in April. They stated that experts from multiple disciplines should assist in the development of a corona app. Read more

Rankings: UU is number 1 and number 5 in the Netherlands
Every year, various organisations announce which university is the best in the Netherlands, Europe, or the world. Last week, both the global QS ranking and The Center for World University Rankings published their rankings. In the first ranking, Delft is the best Dutch university, in the second one the best is Utrecht University. Read more

Dubious contracts for PhD candidates: major differences between universities
Compared to last year, the proportion of PhD candidates who are offered a contract for less than four years or only a part-time appointment has not decreased. On the ranking of dubious contracts the UU is in the fifth place. Read more

NWO gives crisis-stricken researchers more time
Holding online interviews, easing deadlines and taking a customised approach: the Dutch Research Council (NWO) is showing its flexible side by accommodating the needs of scientists whose work has suffered delays due to the corona crisis. Read more

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