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Update coronavirus
Dear colleagues,

We have been working hard over the past few days to assess for you the impact of the cabinet measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. This afternoon (Sunday 15 March), in addition to last Thursday's measures, the cabinet has decided to close schools and childcare as of Monday 16 March.

The decision to close all schools has an enormous impact on the family situation of employees with school-aged children and has consequences for the availability of many colleagues. We adopt a flexible attitude and at the same time appeal to the flexibility of all colleagues: only together can we ensure that our university can continue to carry out its core tasks in the best possible way.

In general
The most important thing is that we put the health and safety of students and colleagues first. This means that we assume that everyone adheres to the guidelines of the cabinet and the National Institute for Public Health (RIVM): stay at home in case of complaints such as nasal colds, coughs, sore throats or fever. Avoid social contact. Only call your GP if complaints get worse.

Work at home, safeguard critical processes
In line with the cabinet's advice, we ask our employees who can work from home to do so in consultation with their manager. If necessary, discuss with your supervisor what your focus will be for the coming period.

On our website there are various manuals for working and studying remotely. There are several points of attention that are important:
  • Do you have children at primary school or younger who have to stay at home? If so, we would like to ask you to agree with your partner or other caregiver on what times you can work (from home) and be in touch with your manager.
  • There are a number of functions that are vital to safeguarding the UU's facilities and critical processes. These critical processes are not easy to scale back, let alone discontinue. Think, for example, of animal care workers, laboratory work, work within the facilities domain, etc.
  • Managers will indicate which activities must continue and which activities can be discontinued or scaled down. There are also vital positions to enable remote education and alternative forms of work. If you hold such a position, consult with your supervisor on how to organise your work (whether or not at home) in the coming weeks.
  • Also in the case of digital lectures, the starting point is to make any recordings from home as much as possible. Consult the website for manuals.
  • If there is no reason to come to work from business-critical processes, do not come, even if you cannot work from home. If you still need to pick something up from work, only do so in consultation with your manager.

Canteens closed
In line with the cabinet decision, all canteens in the university buildings will be closed as of Monday 16 March.

Employees abroad
In view of the increasing uncertainty of the situation abroad and the fact that countries are rapidly closing their borders, we urge employees who are temporarily abroad to consider returning to the Netherlands. In doing so, you should consider possible (future) travel restrictions and/or health care facilities in the country in which you are currently residing. Consult with your manager if necessary. Any additional travel expenses can be reimbursed. If you are an international employee and you are currently staying in your country of origin, we leave the choice up to you. However, please do contact your manager about this.

Follow the latest developments on uu.nl
The developments are happening fast. We are doing everything we can to keep you as well informed as possible. An update on all kinds of practical matters, such as HR matters, information for managers and other updates will follow tomorrow. You can always find the latest updates on the UU website.

All that remains is for us to wish you and your loved ones good health during this period.

On behalf of the Executive Board,

Anton Pijpers – President of the Executive Board
Henk Kummeling - Rector Magnificus