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Education will be on line for the rest of this academic year. That raises a lot of questions. For example about online surveillance for students taking an online exam. And about the willingness of the minister to compensate both researchers and students who may fall behind due to the crisis. DUB, the independent news site for Utrecht University, publishes new articles almost every day. For a complete overview of our news and articles, go to
Hot news
Privacy is important, but UU won’t ban Zoom or online proctoring
The university’s board thinks the privacy of students and employees at Utrecht University is important, but banning Zoom or online proctoring in these times of crisis is a step too far.  Read more

A month and a half of working from home. What’s going well, and what isn’t?
Studying from home, teaching classes and doing research from home – is it doable? We asked the members of our DUB panel to take stock of six weeks of working remotely. These are the ups and the downs. Read more

Puzzling burglary in the Kruyt building
During a burglary in the Kruyt building several computer parts were stolen. The police did a forensic investigation and looked at camera images. Remarkably enough, the thieves had acted rather purposefully. Read more

Utrecht Youth Parties want roommates to be able to sit on the grass
Students living in the same student house should be able to sit in the grass in front of the door with up to six people, just like a household. This is what the youth parties advocate in a letter to the Utrecht mayor. Read more

Show us your new quarantine hobby! Send us a picture or video of your quarantine activity and you might win 50 euros in vvv-vouchers. You can send your picture or (link to a) video to
Student affairs
‘Allow foreign graduates more time to find work now’
Corona crisis or not, students from outside Europe have to find a job within a year after graduation. Otherwise they will be sent back to their own country. Recent graduates have started a petition to allow these students an extra year to find a job. Read more

Minister does not want to pay back tuition fees
Universities of applied sciences and universities do everything in their power to prevent study delay. That is why Minister Van Engelshoven wants to financially support only a very limited group of students. Read more

The Breakup
Campus columnist Our campus columnist Keerthi has had enough. “I can’t keep staring into your eyes, watching you lie to me.”.  Read more

Students can stay in room of international until September against reduced price
Four hundred rooms at the SSH are vacant because internationals went home due to the corona virus. Other students can stay in such a room at a reduced rate until September. Read more

Room supply is growing "at an unprecedented rate”
There are more vacant rooms in private houses due to the corona crisis. The supply has risen by 53 percent in the past four weeks, platform Kamernet reports based on its own database. In Utrecht, there are about a hundred more vacant rooms.  Read more

The harmfulness of a popular vegan cuisine
Opinion A diet without any animal products isn't always better for the enviroment. Look for example at the popular avocados, honours student Lisa di Giulio says.  Read more

Youths resisting online surveillance
Having on your webcam while you're taking an exam? I'd rather not, political youths and students say. They have major objections to 'online proctoring' and demand an alternative.  Read more

The AV-Team is suddenly in the spotlight because of corona
Partly thanks to the Audiovisual and Media Production team, UU staff can give lectures or PhD candidates can do their promotion online. The team members hope that the advance of working and studying online will continue - even when the corona crisis is over.  Read more

Medicine study elective about coronavirus available to everyone via Studium Generale
How to deal with a global crisis like the coronavirus? That’s the subject of a second-year elective for medicine students. It won’t only have doctors as speakers: scientists from Social Sciences, Law, and Humanities will share their knowledge as well. The lectures are available to everyone as a webinar. Read more

Research and science
‘Before this crisis, I’d never done anything to do with viruses’
Utrecht has quite a collection of experts on the novel coronavirus. They regularly show up in the media. DUB is curious about these bigwigs, and seeks them out for a talk. This week, we called UMC Utrecht doctor and microbiologist Marc Bonten. Read more

Concerns among young researchers about delays caused by corona closures
 Labs are closed, test subjects aren’t available, and working remotely comes with its fair share of problems. All that can have grave consequences, especially for young UU researchers. This is shown in two surveys. Read more

Minister: give scientists permanent contracts, even during corona crisis
What if, because of the corona crisis, PhD candidates and Postdocs are unable to complete their research in time? In those cases, universities can extend their contracts or offer permanent positions, says minister Van Engelshoven. Read more

Scientists question new corona apps
Sixty scientists, among whom six UUers, have written a letter to the government in which they urge the government to be more careful in introducing a tracking and health app. They fear such an app will have too great an impact on fundamental human rights. Read more

Oscar Wildebeest
Other interesting news
Strategic Plan postponed until autumn
Utrecht University's Strategic Plan will not be completed before the summer. The Executive Board expects the vision document to be completed by the end of October or the beginning of November. The plan will incorporate the lessons learned from the corona crisis. Read more

Tense times for Parnassos and Olympos
Normally, the Sports Centre Olympos and Parnassos Cultural Centre attract many students. But now that both organisations are locked down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, they have to improvise to stay afloat. Read more

Definitively no Vuelta in De Uithof this year
The Tour of Spain will not start in the Netherlands this year. Due to the corona crisis, the cycling event cannot take place in August, but only in autumn. According to the organisation La Vuelta Holanda, too many problems have arisen due to this shift. Read more

Supervisory Board increases own allowance
The Supervisory Board of Utrecht University has decided to increase its own allowance. The allowance was lower than at other universities. The new allowance is 80 percent of the statutory maximum remuneration. Read more

A safe home for the smallest helpers in health care
Sometimes, test animals become redundant at Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht. The smallest heroes of health care are put up for adoption – and people are interested. Read more

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