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Reorganisation UCU to strengthen bond with university
University College Utrecht should collaborate more with the seven UU faculties. Only then can UCU once more become the educational pioneer it once was. An upcoming reorganisation is to be the starting point of a change in culture. Read more

Judge protects scientific freedom by verdict on Jehovah's report
The Jehovah's Witnesses have lost the lawsuit against UU and the state. The report on sexual abuse within the community was made public. According to researcher Kees van den Bos, it is an important verdict. Read more

Advice: at least one all-gender bathroom block per UU building
Every UU building should be equipped with at least one block of toilets that doesn’t have separated sections for different genders. Next to those, the men-only and women-only bathrooms can be retained. This is the advice of the Facilities Service Centre to the university board. Read more

Win tickets for Footprints festival in TivoliVredenburg
‘Perseverance and eagerness are the best predictors of a successful PhD candidate’
If you’ve ever let Google Translate translate a text for you, you know there’ll be mistakes in your translation. ‘Young blood’ Jet Hoek conducts research on how to improve this type of translation software. That fits well with the research her ‘old dog’ Ted Sanders does: he focuses on the structure and cohesion of tests. Read more

Pilot: Class on a sailboat on route between Antwerp and Rotterdam
An adventurous learning environment, that’s what teacher Peter Linde wants to achieve by teaching on a sailboat. As an experiment, he took seven students with him from Antwerp to Rotterdam. Read more

Student life
Who or what determines the student's identity?
In this essay, master student and member of student association USC Peter Nafzger will look for the answer to the question: how do students let their identity be determined. Is it their Christian background, the social class in which they were born or the association which they have joined? Read more

Half a century of Woo: a book about the monkey rock, Fred, drug policy and parties
The Woolloomooloo or simply "the Woo": the first student disco in the Netherlands became half a century old. To celebrate the anniversary, a book with the modest title 'Woolloomooloo: the first fifty years' was launched. Read more

From PhD candidate to Holland’s best 'Ironman': athlete instead of surgeon
Els isn’t just a recent doctor of Medicine: she’s also Holland’s fastest woman in the Ironman Hawaii competition of 2019. Around ten years ago, this version of Els Visser was pretty much non-existent. Read more

Even though his colleagues fly, Adriaan van der Loos travels by train to the conference
Student Daantje Berghuis works at the Green Office of UU and speaks with students and staff about their choice to travel over land. In this article: researcher Adriaan van der Loos. He does research into sustainable energy, but at the same time has to travel abroad a lot for his work. Read more

Join the discussion about the future of DUB
DUB is looking for students and employees of the UU who’d like to share their opinions about our medium.
Also interesting
Structural overtime academics leads to stress, sleep deprivation and relationship problems
Psychological problems, relationship breakdown, physical symptoms. The WOinActie protest movement is heading to the Labour Inspectorate with more than 700 reports of structural overtime at universities. Read more

LSVb: Give more attention to #metoo in higher education
Universities and universities of applied sciences offer students and PhD candidates too few opportunities to report complaints about transgressive behaviour, states the Dutch Student Union (LSVb). Read more

​​​​​​​Survey Utrecht Science Park: majority is for car-free environment
Better accessibility, more bicycle parking spaces, a supermarket and more restaurants. The wishes of the students and employees of the Utrecht Science Park are still the same. This has become clear through a survey by the municipality about the future of the Utrecht Science Park. Read more

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