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DUB, the independent news site for Utrecht University, introduces its first English-language newsletter, with a selection of articles from our website. Everyone who’s indicated to the university that their preferred communication language is English will receive this version.  Would you prefer to receive the Dutch version? Let us know by sending an email to You’ll find a lot more news on the DUB website.
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Reader survey for all internationals
DUB wants to learn more about the needs of international students and employees in terms of DUB’s news content. We’re kindly requesting you to fill out our survey. There are separate surveys for students  and employees. It will take around 10 to 15 minutes. Read more

No more disposable plastic water bottles at the UU
Disposable bottles with spring water will no longer be for sale at the UU. Plastic Chaudfontaine bottles in vending machines and canteens are replaced by refillable water bottles. Read more

Call for responses: Are you being patronised at university?
You can’t eat meat anymore, you shouldn’t smoke, and only savages travel by plane. To what extent can a university propagate a certain lifestyle or outlook DUB is collecting responses. Read more

A home away from home
blog Coming to the Netherlands, some students miss their home more than they would have ever imagined. International master student Priyanka Singhvi give some advices. Read more

Diversity under construction
UU President: In 2019, each faculty board should have a woman
“It’s not of this time that in conversations with four faculty boards, there are only male representatives present,” Anton Pijpers said in the auditorium during his New Year’s speech. Read more

UU raises rainbow flag in protest of Nashville statement
With this action, the university joins a Love Shine A Light protest. The gay rights organisation placed colourful lights and candles. Read more

Twelve refugee academics at work in the Netherlands
Research financier NWO made 750,000 euros available to refugee academics who wished to continue their careers in the Netherlands. Four of them will work in Utrecht. Read more

Win tickets for DicE no.10 in TivoliVredenburg
Students everywhere
These UU students studied at prestigious universities
Are you dreaming of studying at Oxford, Cambridge, or Harvard or are you eager to live at college, Harry Potter-style? Three UU students spent a year (or longer) at a prestigious university. Read more

‘A good scientist should also be good at networking’
The two physicists ‘old dog’ Henk Stoof and ‘young blood’ Enea Mauri work on the so-called high temperature superconductors. Their work might help solve the world’s energy crisis. Read more

Second-year student Mathijs Geurts voted Campus Columnist 2019
Liberal Arts & Sciences student Matthijs has been voted Campus Columnist 2019. This coming year, he’ll write a biweekly column for DUB. Read more

Renovated housing for Utrecht rowing clubs officially opened
The three rowing clubs of Utrecht opened last week De Driewerf on the Merwedekanaal. The cramped and outdated rowing house is now substantially overhauled. Read more

International perspective
International students are having a hard time
More and more international bachelor students  experience such psychological or medical problems that it puts their study at risk. Read more

A point of view
blog When you are 53, you are in the prime of life nowadays. But tell people that you’re a student and they look at you askance, disbelieving. Stefan Semenczuk describes this experience in his nominated column to be the campuscolumnist 2019. Read more

Current British student will keep their rights in case of ‘hard’ Brexit
Should the United Kingdom leave the European Union with no deal, the British students already studying here have nothing to worry about. Read more

This coming week, you’ll find articles on international students, open access, the future of Utrecht Science Park, and more. You can find more articles at DUB website
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