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Hot news
Racism in higher education
Last friday there was a well-attended protest in Utrecht. Reason was the murder of George Floyd by an American policeman. But what is the current situation in terms of racism in Dutch higher education? Read more

On Solidarity, Social Media, and Slacktivism
Campus columnist Our Campus Columnist Keerthi made a Q&A for our readers how to understand and to support #blacklivesmatter.  Read more

UUinActie goes from one to three seats in University Council
UUinActie is the biggest winner of the University Council elections. The party went from one to three seats. Lijst Vuur, with five seats, remains the largest party in the council. Read more

Majority University Council wants women’s quota for UU
By 2030, at least 40 percent of all employees in all university positions should be women. Women should make up at least a third of all boards. To accomplish this, Utrecht University has to establish a women’s quota, starting in 2021. Read more

A very small group of UU'ers may sit in lecture halls again
A number of students will be able to take classes in a building of Utrecht University again from June 15. This concerns education that cannot be given online. In the new academic year, first-year students will have priority for classes at UU. Read more

Do away with the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace
Stress and the negative consequences of performance pressure for students and staff are receiving more and more attention within the University. However, problems such as depression or anxiety disorders are usually ignored, UU employee Minthe Woudstra observes. Time for more openness. Read more


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What are the priorities of the new University Council parties?
From flexible studying to vegetarian canteens. What are the priorities of the University Council Parties DUB asked them to rank their list of 15 policy recommendations. Read more

Who are the leaders of the student parties in the University Council?
What are the most important views of the parties that will get seats in the University Council in the next academic year? The party leaders introduce themselves on our website. Read more

Students visit the Pieter Baan Centre: ‘Dry theory comes to life’
Right before the corona crisis broke out, seventeen students went on an excursion to the Pieter Baan Centre (PBC), the psychiatric observation facility of the Ministry of Justice and Security. The students are taking one of the UU’s first multidisciplinary Bachelor courses. Read more

Digital alternative to 'paper assignments’ not always possible
Each year, certain groups of Science students submit a number of handwritten assignments on paper. They wonder whether the students from the University Council also want to ban these in their efforts to reduce the use of paper among students. Read more

Top teachers call for time and space in corona crisis
Teaching staff in higher education cannot be expected to simply conjure up high-quality online education in response to the corona crisis. The Comenius Network, a national platform of top teachers, is calling for time and space to develop new approaches, especially for the new cohort of first-year students. Read more

No exchange programmes for UU students next semester
Utrecht University students who wanted to study abroad in the next semester will have to change their plans. The UU is cancelling all exchange programmes. Read more

Teacher Herre Talsma continues to fight for fair pharmaceutical industry
After more than forty years, he’s saying goodbye to the university, but not to his trade. The idealist will keep fighting for a fairer pharmaceutical industry, to ensure medication is affordable for everyone across the globe. Read more

Gap year doesn't result in better study choices
In recent years, more and more young people have been taking a gap year before starting their studies. But according to a new report by the Inspectorate of Education, this does not seem to result in better study choices. Read more

Student affairs
International students should not be regarded as a product
Opinion Attracting so many international students comes with a responsibility. That is the opinion of Nina Rutten and Marte Vroom, both students associated with student party UUinActie. They say that a lot of things are still badly arranged for international students at Utrecht University right now. Read more

Petition against proctoring at Utrecht University
The petition was started by Roman Monte of University Council party Lijst Vuur. It’s the next step the students in the University Council are taking to urge universities to stop online surveillance during online exams. Read more

 ‘More attention needed for the risks of improper use of Ritalin'
The municipality of Utrecht wants to collaborate with Utrecht University to combat improper use of Ritalin by students. This is the result of a call from Student & Starter and the University Council. Read more

From tending bar to sweeping floors
Many students have lost their side jobs due to the corona crisis. Many of them are signing up with employment agencies to avoid getting into financial difficulties. These students can’t afford to be very picky, because job openings are becoming scarce. Read more

Oscar Wildebeest
Dutch culture
Research and science
These are the lucky ones who may return to the UU labs
For most students and employees, the university buildings are still closed. There are a few PhD candidates and Postdocs, however, who are allowed to return to work in De Uithof. Read more

Other news
Student applications are up, despite coronavirus
The application deadline of 1 June has now passed, and universities and universities of applied sciences are taking stock. It seems that more students have applied this year than last year, at both types of institutions. Read more

European Commission still wants €94.4 billion for Horizon Europe
If it’s up to the European Commission, the EU's research and innovation budget for the next seven years will remain unaffected by the current crisis surrounding coronavirus. But the question is whether the member states and the European Parliament will agree. Read more

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