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Hot news
Students University Council want ban on 'paper' assignments
The student section of the University Council wants a ban on handing in assignments on paper. Teachers must all start grading digitally, because it is more sustainable. The Executive Board is interested, but is a ban the right thing to do and are teachers and students ready for it?  Read more

Concerns about international students
Students from abroad do not have an easy time during the corona crisis. They get into financial problems and do not receive enough information in English, student organisations say. Read more

Uncertain times for young UU researchers
At Dutch universities, it’s mostly PhD candidates and Postdocs that are in danger of falling victim to the side effects of the corona crisis. DUB spoke with four young researchers who have to adjust their plans and ambitions. Read more

These people still work at the university itself
There’s a small group of people for whom it’s still necessary to work at the university. DUB took its camera and sought them out. What are they doing exactly? Are they happy to be at work, and how does working in a nearly-deserted building feel? Read more

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Student affairs
Student associations are helping out during corona crisis
The doors of all student association buildings are closed. But that doesn’t mean they’re not doing anything: associations are still trying to contribute to society, even during a corona crisis. Read more

There’s no space for grief when you’re in your twenties
How do you cope with losing a loved one as a student? Student Jane lost her father and recognises many things in the book former UU-student Lisanne Sadelhoff wrote on her mourning process after her mother passed away. Read more

‘Corona fines for parties will give you a criminal record’
Even when students stay home and throw a party with their housemates, they can be fined. It happened to different groups at the IBB, TWC and De Sterren student housing complexes. Students run the risk of getting a criminal record. Read more

Cheap mocktails, expensive wine: effective alcohol policy on campus
How do you ensure that students drink less alcohol? The Trimbos Institute advises to set a good example on campus. Make sure there are clear rules and cheap non-alcoholic drinks. Read more

International students holding off on coming to Europe next year
International students are still keen to study at European universities, but as a result of the corona pandemic over half of them have decided not to come to Europe next year. This is one of the findings from a large survey conducted by QS. Read more

Cabinet: 'No students in public transport during peak hours'
Universities and universities of applied sciences will most likely be able to open their doors for essential practicals and exams in mid-June. But students should minimise their use of public transport. Read more

A cake for our mothers
Campus columnist Keerthi could not visit her mum on mother’s day. Just to think of her from afar our Campus Columnist shares the recipe of what her mother considers to be her best baking. Read more

5 tips to stay sharp in block 4
Whether they have few or many tasks to do, there’s one thing many students agree on: it’s becoming harder and harder to get everything done. Student Molecular Life Sciences Winnie is listing some tips that might help. Read more

Most education still online after summer, working from home optional in first semester
The Executive Board assumes that the majority of education will still take place online after the summer. Employees will have to work from home for longer as well.  Read more

Late graduates to get back 535 euros of tuition fees
The government is allocating 200 million euros to help students in the corona crisis. That has just been decided in the Council of Ministers. It concerns secondary vocational education, higher professional education and university students. Read more

UU opens laboratories and University Library in phases
After the Cabinet announced its step-by-step plan, Utrecht University is now relaxing a number of corona measures as well. To this end, it has set a provisional agenda. First, under strict conditions, a number of laboratories and clinics will reopen on May 18, as will the University Library in De Uithof. Read more

Research and science
Survey: a lot of stress amongst UU researchers about the consequences of corona for their careers
Working remotely and experiencing delays in research worry many UU researchers, according to a survey conducted by the Utrecht Young Academy. Young scientists especially fear for the effects the crisis will have on their careers. Read more

Utrecht scientists plan to use live vaccine against corona
It should be possible to contain corona quickly by using mild variants of the virus, according to Ineke Braakman, Professor of Cellular Protein Chemistry These mild variants are now circulating and they should be able to be identified quickly. But that requires testing. Read more

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Dutch culture
Other interesting news
University Council doesn't feel excluded, but wants more room for consultation beforehand
After a somewhat uncomfortable start in the era of the 'digital' university, the University Council now feels that it is once again a fully-fledged discussion partner of the Executive Board. The regular participation cycle has been quickly restored. Read more

New collective labour agreement universities: wage increase and bonus
University employees will receive a wage increase of 3 percent plus a bonus of 750 euros. At least, if the constituency approves the settlement of the negotiators. Read more

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