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Join our survey: How do you look back on working from home and online education?
We are now three months down the line and the strict measures are slowly being relaxed. Therefore, DUB would like to know how students and staff look back on this period. Please fill in our survey. Read more

Are UU students at a disadvantage because of the strict resit rules?
Utrecht University will investigate whether its students are at a disadvantage because of the strict policy that doesn’t allow students to resit exams they’ve passed. Read more

Messaging during your exam: students cheat during these times as well
Fraud cases in online examinations are slowly piling up. In Utrecht, there is no more fraud than usual. Only the Faculties of Humanities and Geosciences report a slight increase. Read more

How do you maintain a pleasant work ambiance while working from home?
From friday afternoon drinks to an online Mariokart competition. People at the UU found different ways of staying in contact. But how do you recreate a short chat at the coffee machine?  Read more

Jeroen van der Lely chooses Literary science studies over professional football
The rough world of professional football doesn’t suit him. Jeroen van der Lely (24) ended his contract in Denmark, and will start his Bachelor in literary science at the UU in September. Read more

‘Students will soon be allowed to travel in rush hour again’
The timetables in higher and vocational education are being extended from 1 September. As a result, students will be traveling during rush hour again. Read more

Dutch students unsure about studying abroad
One-third of all current and prospective Dutch students who were planning on studying abroad after the summer have put their plans on hold. One in seven have decided to give up on studying abroad altogether to avoid study delays. Read more


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When is a story racist?
DUB received complaints about multiple stories on the site being racist. Editor in chief Ries Agterberg responds to the criticism and explains why those stories have been posted. Read more

‘I won’t be told I’m racist’
Opinion The things students and employees say about racism at the university in an article published by DUB only widen the gap between black and white, says Job van den Broek, Master’s student University Council member. Read more

Genderquota explained: 'Much needed at the UU'
The Executive Board reacted reluctantly to the University Council's proposal to introduce a gender quota. Previously, DUB had an opinion piece that questioned the plan. The submitters of the nota, Lieke Schrijvers and Ashley van Driel respond. Read more

More anonymous testing, but no obligation
In the future, Utrecht University students might be taking more exams without writing their names on them. This measure is meant to avoid teachers’ subconscious biases. Read more

New academic year: as much on-site education as possible
After the summer, Utrecht University will organise as much education on-site at the university as possible, now that the government has said students will be allowed to use public transportation during rush hour again, and classes can be taught in the UU’s ‘timeslots’ again. Read more

Teaching staff are getting burned out from the crisis
Since the coronavirus crisis has hit, the pressure from work has gone up, say three-quarters of the members of the Dutch General Education Association (AOb). Teaching staff want to get back to the usual way of teaching on site, and fast. Read more

Corona exams not made more poorly than usual
Those who’d feared online education would lead to lower grades and more failing students can be reassured. The average exam grade of UU students in this year’s block 3 was, in fact, a little higher than last year’s average. Read more


How do living in London in 2019 and the lockdown in the beginning of 2020 compare? UU-student Helen de Graaff tries to find an answer in her book 'We, Together, and I'. DUB is giving away three copies! To win one of them you have to send your name, address (so we can send you a copy) and phone number to before July 12.

Research and science
Dutch Research Council: six winners of Spinoza and Stevin Prizes
The Dutch Research Council (NWO), an important funder of science and research, has announced which researchers will receive this year’s highest distinctions in Dutch science. The laureates will each receive 2.5 million euros to spend on research. Read more

Oscar Wildebeest
Dutch culture
Other news
Crowds Heidelberglaan underestimated; tram too slow
The journey of the new tram line 22 between Utrecht Central Station and De Uithof takes almost two minutes longer than initially planned. The Heidelberglaan is the biggest bottle neck due to heavy traffic. Read more

UvA lecturer discredited for ‘touching’
For years, Master’s students at the University of Amsterdam have complained about the unacceptable behaviour of one lecturer, writes NRC Handelsblad. The University of Amsterdam says the article is very one-sided. The lecturer in question is still employed by the university. Read more

Allocation of 40 percent of the abolished student grants is still unclear
Will the 2.5 billion euros that is being made available up until 2024 also be spent on the educational improvements that were promised? Research carried out by Folia shows that one in three universities and academic institutions do not as yet have a realistic spending plan in place. Read more

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