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A pokernight in a university room in the city centre? You can’t do that anymore
Two study associations came head to head with the board of the faculty of Humanities after a night of playing poker and watching films at the Drift. After a thorough chat, the immediate heat is off, but the board will adjust the regulations for food and drink in educational rooms. Read more

Nominations teacher awards: eight associations nominate their candidate
Four teachers are in line to win the title of 'best teacher at UU'. There are also four young teachers who would like to win the prize for the 'teacher talent of the year'. The eight teachers were nominated by eight different study associations. Read more

DUB will have two campus columnists this year
UCU student Keerthi Sridhanan and student of Language and culture Francis van den Brink were jointly awarded the title of Campus Columnist 2020. International student Keerthi will write for the English DUB website, and Francis for the Dutch. Read their winning columns. Read more

Students and flight shame: ‘You're not flying to London, are you?'
In a time where flight shame spreads like an oil slick over the souls of students, there must be a very good reason to still choose airspace. Do traveling students and study associations at Utrecht University allow themselves to be guided by flight shame? Read more

‘A cyber-attack like in Maastricht: small chance, but the impact is enormous
UU also received the attack with clop ransomware, which was the culprit in completely crippled Maastricht University’s digital environment this past Christmas. The UU’s anti-ransomware software managed to fend off the attack. DUB talks to two digital gatekeepers. Read more

Win tickets for 90'S now: 2 Unlimited in TivoliVredenburg
Co-determination and board more accessible for international students
A change in the law will allow international students to fully participate in boards and co-determination councils. This makes the volunteers’ declaration, which is currently used by Utrecht University, redundant. Read more

Opportunist Minas
The cat Mina features in quite a number of classes taught by psychologist Jaap Bos when he wants to clarify something. Mina also features in a column with which Bos raises the question of how worthy of pursuit the goal of internationalisation is. Read more

NWO awards grants to refugees again
Nine refugees will be able to continue their scientific careers in the Netherlands thanks to a special grant awarded by research financer NWO. The nine hail from Syria, Turkey, Eritrea, Sudan, and Iran. Read more

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​​​​​​​Proof of concept: 24 scientists receive European grants
The last bus 12 from Utrecht Science Park runs today at 21.24 to the central station. After that, the line will stop definitively. A former student and a bus driver look back. “Line 12 is irrevocably linked to my pleasant student days. It is strange that it is now disappearing." Read more

Scientists will soon be suspended for weak NWO grant applications
Scientists who submit a weak research proposal to research financer NWO will not be able to submit another proposal for a year or two after. This is one of the ways the universities and the NWO are hoping to relieve some of the pressure on the system. Read more

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