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Dutch news articles on corona translated: Favour UCU students blowing up on Facebook
A group of students at Utrecht University College has been working hard to translate the news published by the NOS. This way, they want to keep their fellow students updated on the progress and details of the corona crisis. Read more

How to cope in your student home in times of corona
Living in a student house is fun. At least, if you’re not stuck living in each other’s pockets all day every day. Students are forced to stay home. What kind of impact does that have on your home? Can you even avoid each other if you want to? Read more

Research of Utrecht and Rotterdam researchers offers prospect of corona inhibitor
Utrecht researchers from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, together with colleagues from Erasmus MC, have developed an antibody that can inhibit the coronavirus. Read more

Corona blog: studying and working from home has begun
DUB is following the news closely.
Corona crisis for internationals: taking the last flight back to your home country
Since the new measures for curbing the corona virus have gone into effect, everyone’s lives have turned upside down, including those of the international students studying in the Netherlands. Read more

Cultural anthropology students on their way home
The UU students and their teacher who had been stuck in Guatemala will – if all goes well – arrive back in the Netherlands this week. Students and teacher have already arrived at Schiphol. Read more

I’m staying in Madrid, despite the advise to come home
blog Sophie Martens (20) is a student at UCU and currently on exchange in Madrid. Despite the urgent advice of the UU to return to the Netherlands, she has decided to stay in Spain for now. She explains why she made this decision. Read more

A walk through De Uithof in times of corona: ‘It’s like a ghost town’
We’ve seen the campus empty on weekends and holiday periods, but as empty as it is now, we’ve rarely seen before. We make the rounds past students and businesses. Read more

Student affairs
UU president: ‘We want to avoid study delays as much as possible’
If the crisis continues, the UU will work out how study delays can remain as small and short as possible, says UU president Anton Pijpers. He praises the university’s employees and students for their solidarity. Read more

Binding study advice at the UU: corona crisis is “exceptional circumstance”
UU freshmen who don’t obtain enough credits because of the corona crisis for a positive binding study advice, will still be able to pass to the second year of their study programme. They will receive an ‘adopted recommendation’. Read more

Student organisations warn of study delays because of corona
Students should not pay the price for the corona crisis, say student organisations LSVb and ISO. They warn of study delays, now all classes in higher education are cancelled. Read more

UU teachers venture online: ‘Instagram? I didn’t even have that’
The corona crisis means teachers will have to teach their classes and ‘work groups’ online. DUB called three teachers who are currently facing this big challenge. Which solutions have they found? Read more

‘In this dire situation, the years-long attention to educational innovation is paying off’
The appreciation teachers have for all educational and IT support staff is great now that education can no longer take place in lecture halls and classrooms. The Educate-it team is on high alert. Read more

No more "grade lists" when assessing research groups
In the six-yearly evaluation of research groups and scientific institutes, good personnel policy will now receive more attention, just like open science. Grade lists disappear from the assessment. Read more

Oscar Wildebeest
Also interesting
Six weeks of community service for Utrecht student of Information Science
UU student of Information Science was sentenced for creating and selling malware. Furthermore, the student, who was plucked from the lecture hall of the Koningsberger building last year, was sentenced to a conditional prison sentence of 180 days. Read more

Faculty on the hunt for UUer sending inappropriate messages on social media
Female students in the Social Geography & Planning programme have received inappropriate and harassing messages on social media. The Dean of Geosciences has sent an email to all students of the programme in which he says he finds this unacceptable. Read more

It is not easy to obtain a doctorate next to being an informal caregiver
Universities should pay more attention to PhD candidates who provide informal care, according to researchers. The PhD candidates are sometimes having difficulties, but do not always discuss this with their supervisor. Read more

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