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Hot news
The volunteer experience of international UU students
Coming to Utrecht, the main focus of international students is on their studies. However, for many of them, this is not enough. They engage in volunteer work and join a student association. Taiwanese student Ting- An portrays four of these students and describes her own experiences. Read more

University council wants English documents and interpreter for international council members
These are a few of the proposals announced by the University Council aimed at getting more international students and employees involved in co-determination. Moreover, international students in co-determination bodies should pay regular tuition fees instead of the high institutional tuition. Read more

Brexit: British students warned to tread carefully with illegal room rental
British citizens studying in the Netherlands should be sure they are registered in their local municipality if and when the United Kingdom actually leaves the European Union. Failure to do so could mean being faced with all kinds of problems. Read more

Utrecht University: less planes, more trains
The Executive Board wants to reduce the number of flight kilometres at Utrecht University by half. To this end, the Executive Board is investing 2 million euros in audio-visual resources that can be used for high-quality conference calls. The Board also allocates a further 35,000 euros to make travelling by train within Europe more attractive. Read more

Exchange student prefers return trip by boat and train from Tokyo to Utrecht
We must fly less, according to the Executive Board of Utrecht University. Student Daantje Berghuis from the Green Office is talking to student Marenthe Middelhoff, who after her exchange opted for a slow return trip from Tokyo by boat and the Trans-Siberia Express. Read more

Campus Columnist 2020
DUB is looking for its 2020 Campus Columnist
Student affairs
Numbers of students with mental health problems not on the rise
This week it's Wellbeing Week at Utrecht University. It seems as though one organisation after the other is sounding the alarm about higher levels of student stress. ‘An untrue picture that just won't go away,’ says Tilburg health psychologist Peter van der Velden. Read more

Commotion about team photo volleyball association Protos
On a team photo posted to Instagram, the players and coaches all use their fingers to create slant eyes. Utrecht University will have a conversation with the volleyball players and coaches. Read more

Why is DUB writing about the Protos incident?
blog This month, there was quite the commotion again. Volleyball association Protos made the news for posting a photo on social media on which the entire team made slant eyes. Should DUB even write about this? Editor-in-chief Ries Agterberg explains why the article was published. Read more

What do students expect from a canteen?
video Do students go to the canteen mainly for luxury products or do they prefer a cheap bite? DUB went out with the camera and asked some students what they bought. Read more

Also interesting
Nuisance by secondary school students forces city centre library to take measures
A group of youths are causing such a nuisance in the university library in the city centre that access to the building must be limited. Read more

UU board: participation housing plan was done correctly
The university’s new corporate housing strategy was in fact created in a democratic process, according to the Executive Board in response to an angry letter sent jointly by a number of faculty councils. Read more

‘Men are not more talented than women’
One in six professors at the UU Faculty of Science is a woman. Are drastic measures, like those take by the Eindhoven University of Technology, necessary here as well? Dean of Sciences Isabel Arends doesn’t think so, but does also say there’s a lot of work to be done, and women themselves are the key to a better men-to-women ratio. Read more

Half of last year's Dutch scientific articles can be read in open access
A step in the right direction, says Minister Ingrid Van Engelshoven, while adding that there is still lots of work to be done. Read more

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