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Hot news
Video from disturbed lecture on Dumpert
An unknown student smashed a laptop during a lecture while loudly cursing and ran away. Moments later, the video was on the popular Dutch video and photo sharing website Dumpert. It seems pretty staged. "This is a socially unsafe situation for both the students and the teacher." Read more

Proposal to move student boards from Pnyx to Parnassos
The director of Parnassos sees a possibility in moving the student boards of Pnyx to the Parnassos building at the Kruisstraat. That plan would mean having to relocate the international students who currently live there. The Pnyx students are enthusiastic. Read more

​​​​​​​Courses with student stops are less accessible because of internationals
With the arrival of foreign students, courses with a numerus fixus have become less accessible, the Inspectorate of Education writes. Especially women, non-Western migrants, and students with little money are the victims. Read more

University affairs
‘Strikes? I don’t have time to strike’
Did you notice anything of the ‘white strike’, which numerous UU teachers participated in this month? The protest was meant to draw attention to the increasing workloads for teachers. What’s the DUB panel’s opinion: should students suffer from teachers’ protests? Read more

‘Parnassos is the perfect place for the university and society to connect’
Parnassos wants to use culture to bring science and society closer together. That’s the vision of director Marieke van Merriënboer for the future of the cultural centre, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in December. “We connect worlds.” Read more

Unhappy UCU council members refrain from taking further steps against university board
Disappointing and unsatisfying. That’s how co-determination members of the University College Utrecht council describe the university’s response to a critical letter about the participation possibilities in the new housing plan. Still, they’re not interested in escalating the conflict. Read more

Win tickets for Sierra Oscar Foxtrot Tango in Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
Student affairs
Five Utrecht fraternities: about desserts, beer, old Dutch, equality and karaoke
Eating desserts or speaking Old Dutch. Utrecht has the strangest fraternities and sororities. Read more

'I was at a festival one day, and a patient the next’
You’re a student, breezing through life without a care in the world, and then suddenly, it turns out you’ve got cancer. It happened to medical student Eva van Gennep (26). She is one of DUB's promising fifteen this year. Read more

‘Being Jewish is not an issue at this university, thankfully’
In his secondary school days he was a guest at Humberto Tan’s late night talk show RTL Late Night, announcing that he wanted to become mayor of Utrecht one day. Later, the UU Law student Hidde van Koningsveld, one of DUB's promising fifteen, would convert to Judaism. Read more

Art platform Paratext makes publishing easy for students
Paratext is an art platform for and ran by students that is hard to define. Short stories, poetry, academic essays, columns, podcasts, photography and embroidery: it can all be found on the website of the UU students. Read more

Also interesting
UU in Higher Education guide: more appreciation for teachers, complaints about facilities
In the ranking of general universities, Utrecht University takes third place. Bachelor’s study programmes in the life sciences and humanities score high. Read more

Van Engelshoven: 'We know things are tight, but right now the money isn’t there'
No new ‘Haagse’ ideas, no radical interventions: Minister Van Engelshoven’s Strategic Agenda for higher education takes a calm tone. But she does argue for two changes in direction, and she wants to rescue smaller studies. Read more

Sympathetic responses to plans Van Engelshoven
Universities and universities of applied sciences are happy with the strategic agenda that Minister Van Engelshoven presented on Monday. Her fiercest opponents show some appreciation as well, but they repeat their call for additional money. Read more

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