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Life Science at Utrecht Science Park 
The largest science park in the Netherlands has a distinctly humble appearance when viewed from the surrounding countryside. We are fortunate to be able to do life sciences research in a healthy urban environment. The balance between health and our environment is now more relevant than ever, as a global pandemic reveals both the  resiliance and fragility of life. 

A beautiful photo series by Jelle Hoeks shows Utrecht science park at dusk and dawn. These normally quiet hours are even more so in corona times, yet the series also shows that research on our life sciences campus never stopped. Thousands of researchers working on the coronavirus in an effort to tackle the virus from all angles. The quiet work of science suddenly got a global audience. 

The photo series also reveals that we are part of a larger ecosystem and underlines the importance of healthy urban living. This is linked to the core values of life sciences research: healthy ageing and fighting (chronic) disease. The global pandemic raises many questions and as we seek the answers, life sciences research in Utrecht aims to be a guide and a catalyst for the advancement of knowledge. 

We may be humble in appearance, we are far from humble in our ambitions.  
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News from the Life Sciences community
The  Thesss
Life Sciences is one of four strategic themes of Utrecht University, in collaboration with the University Medical Center Utrecht. It reaches beyond research groups, faculties and focus areas to support interdisciplinary initiatives and collaborations. At the life sciences office we facilitate, support and organise interdisciplinary initiatives and we tell the broad story of life sciences research. 
Healthy Urban Living

How do you make an urban environment livable and healthy? And how do you combine data and knowledge from public organisations with the innovative entrepreneurial power of companies and the experiences and behaviour of residents? On May 14th, the virtual kick-off of the Data and Knowledge Hub Healthy Urban Living took place. The partners within the hub, in collaboration with residents, will develop concrete and practical solutions with an impact on healthy living in urban areas.
Turn your research into value

Do you wonder how your scientific results can create impact? Do you ask yourself which problem is in need of your solution? Are you in need of support in developing your ideas and business plan?

Our business developers are ready to guide you through the process. Curious? Why not join our online RMU Valorisation Café on July 13th at 12:00h!
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Utrecht working group for animal-free innovations in science

Scientific institutions at Utrecht Science Park that are involved in animal testing are joining forces to accelerate the transition to animal-free innovations.

We have set up the TPI Utrecht working group, consisting of top researchers of various biomedical disciplines and innovation science.

TPI Utrecht collaborates closely with the governmental Transition Programme for Innovation without the use of animals (TPI).
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Storytelling: Get your science across!

At the Life Sciences office, we help you get your science noticed. Telling stories is a great way to do that. Not just about exciting publications or noteworthy achievements, but about the daily science that excites you. This way, we join the conversation on important societal issues and show the world what we do. 

To have a bigger impact on international audiences, we teamed up with 'The Conversation'. Their editorial team is ready to tell your stories so if there's something that excites you, don't hesitate to contact us!
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Research News
Life Sciences is a very broad field of research that ranges from molecule to man, from bench to bedside and beyond. The strategic theme connects researchers and students from the faculties of science, medicine and veterinary medicine. Here we present the top news from these three faculties.
27 May 2020
Monitoring the benefits and safety of the new corona vaccines

UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University will lead European project

8 June 2020
Collaboration to Develop Monoclonal Antibody Therapy to Prevent and Treat COVID-19

Utrecht University, Erasmus Medical Center, Harbour BioMed and pharmaceutical company AbbVie are starting a collaboration.

27 may 2020
Studying the development of ovarian cancer with organoids

Mini-versions of mouse oviducts (organoids), were grown in the lab to study early development of ovarian cancer

The four Life Sciences hubs aim to bring excellent researchers from different disciplines together to work on societally relevant issues and scientific breakthroughs within the framework of One Health, Personalised Medicine & Health, Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cells and Science for Life. The hubs stimulate productive and long lasting multidisciplinary collaborations with public and/or private stakeholders thereby creating shared value and, hence, societal and economic benefit.
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Utrecht Exposome Hub
Brabant and Northern Italy were not only hot spots for the corona virus, the air quality in both areas is also relatively poor. A connection between the two is easily made. In the Dutch newspaper NRC, professor Roel Vermeulen wonders whether that is justified. Read his blog here.

More news from the exposome HUB

Watch our video featuring: Roel Vermeulen (UU), Erik Tielemans (RIVM), Helen Leavis (UMC Utrecht)
Utrecht Molecular Immunology Hub
The spirit of collaboration is strong within the Molecular Immunology Hub. There are many stories to tell about successful collaborations between the University, the Medical Center and the Hubrecht institute.

Find all the stories here!

Watch our video featuring: Janine Schuurman (Genmab), Suzan Rooijakkers (UMC Utrecht)
Utrecht Advanced In vitro Models Hub
Our mission is to advance the development, validation and implementation of innovative in vitro models, especially on Utrecht Science Park. We can help you create more impact. 

Do you have an innovative in vitro model (Organ-on-Chip, Organoid, iPSC, humanized cell line etc.) or a novel technology related to such models (3D Bioprinting, Machine Learning, Bioreactor or Microfluidics, etc.) and you’d like to create more impact with your innovation? We are there to help you move forward.

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July 13 - Valorisation webinar Regenerative Medicine Utrecht
Your scientific results can create impact beyond the scope of your own project. But how do you go about that? 
Find out during the online RMU Valorisation Webinar
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8-9 July 2020     Annual Meeting European Organ-on-Chip Society (online)
13 July 2020 RMU Valorisation event
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