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Coronavirus update 18 September
Dear students and colleagues,
Tonight, Prime Minister Rutte gave an extra press conference. The number of infections is increasing again in the Netherlands - especially among young people in student cities. That is very worrying. It puts the health of (fragile) people at risk. We are pleased, moreover, that we are able to provide some education on campus again. We want to avoid having to go back to full online education.
Appeal to students
We understand very well that some students are in a difficult position because they live in a full student house, for example. And also that it is very frustrating that these are not your student years as you imagined they would be. But we urge you to stick to the measures taken by the Cabinet. The importance has also been aptly expressed by fellow students who had to deal with the consequences of COVID-19 themselves in a number of videos. Students also provide tips to help you stick to the measures.
When can you go to university?
Today we launched a corona check, following the example of Leiden University. The check consists of five steps. Before you go to university, always do the check and decide whether you can come to the campus or have to stay at home.
Keep your distance
At the university, we keep a one-and-a-half metre distance. Avoid crowds. If it is busy, put on a face mask at the tram/bus stop. Follow the instructions on signs and stickers and those of the staff.
How do we deal with infections?
It goes without saying that despite all the measures taken, students and staff will still become infected. We’ve noticed that it is causes anxiety when teachers or students hear that a (fellow) student has tested positive. This raises questions. That is why we have explained here what we do in the event of an infection.
Today, the Cabinet also announced that the maximum group size for events will be reduced from 100 to 50 people. We will, of course, adjust our protocol accordingly.
In conclusion
This morning, the mayor of Utrecht spoke with the umbrella organisations of student associations, and representatives of the HU and UU. Also the chairman of the Executive Board of the HU and our rector Henk Kummeling held talks earlier this week with administrators of the student organisations and umbrella organisations and will continue to do so. A campaign is already underway in Delft on the initiative by students and for students. The Utrecht umbrella organisations have indicated that they would like to do the same campaign in Utrecht. That's great! The municipality, GGD, HU and UU are going to help them with this.

Because we have to manage this together. And we have a special place and responsibility as a university community. If you see someone who does not follow the guidelines, speak to them. Do the same if a housemate has symptoms and still wants to go to college. We call on all our staff and students to take their responsibility to keep our university safe and healthy, and to help contain the coronavirus.

Kind regards,
The Executive Board,

Anton Pijpers, President
Annetje Ottow, Vice President
Henk Kummeling, Rector Magnificus

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