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The corona virus is still dictating how we live our daily lives. Most of us are working from home or watching lectures on our laptops. Luckily there is still good news. Cultural Antropology students have made it home safely and student associations came up with a way to meet for drinks. DUB, the independent news site for Utrecht University, publishes new articles almost every day. For a complete overview of our news and articles,
Hot news
‘It was an adventure I would’ve loved to have missed’
Now that all her students are safely back in the Netherlands, Cultural Anthropology teacher Marie-Louise Glebbeek can finally catch her breath. Last week, she guided thirteen Bachelor’s students from the closed – and increasingly unsafe – Guatemala across the Mexican border, and finally, to Schiphol Airport. Read more

Medical students use corona app to give diagnoses
Also Utrecht now has a ‘corona app’. Last week the app was launched, and it now already has 9,700 active users. Medical students call up these users when they report alarming symptoms. Read more

Going to class in your underwear, and procrastinating in ‘quarnaval’
Now that in-person classes are forbidden, students receive their education in different ways. Whether you’re taking courses, working on your thesis, or should actually be taking classes in Sydney – everything is different now. And of course, there’s always a bright side. Unless, perhaps, you’re in Australia. Read more

Student associations organise online drinks
You have to make do in these turbulent times. Student associations are doing everything they can to maintain their cosy atmosphere. Luckily, we live in a digital age with lots of possibilities to continue drinks and activities online Read more

Behind the scenes of the UU crisis team
Every morning, the UU crisis team discusses the latest developments, analyses the most pressing questions, and makes decisions on how the UU should manage the crisis. “First it was about health; now, it’s mostly about the consequences of closing the university.” Read more

Corona blog: most education online until summer
DUB is following the news closely.
On campus
Perspectives on a Pandemic
Campus columnist In these dark times students at University College Utrecht are scared, but try to stay sane, Keerthi Sridharan notices. “It’s not hard to feel like a wrung-out dishtowel, simultaneously too overworked and too lethargic to function.” Read more

DUB panel: UU is role model in sustainability
After the corona crisis has passed, it’s possible we’ll all be working from home regularly, and forgoing travelling by plane, busying ourselves instead with conference calls and online studying. Read more

‘Be lenient for PhD candidates’
Give PhD candidates additional time or change the requirements for their thesis during the corona crisis, says Lucille Mattijssen of the Dutch PhD Network. "Health is more important than research." Read more

Dossier: coronavirus
All articles on the coronavirus can be found here

Student affairs
Students are not going to increase their loans yet
The Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) does not have the impression that students have increased their loans more recently under the influence of the corona crisis. There has not yet been an increase in the number of applications. Read more

Hundreds of students turn to the union
About five hundred students asked for help last week at a special corona crisis hotline from the National Student Union (LSVb) and the FNV union. Read more

Students will not end up on the streets because of the corona crisis
No one is allowed to be evicted from their homes during the corona crisis. Minister Van Veldhoven of Housing has agreed this with the landlord organisations and branch associations. Read more

Working online: optimism, annoyances and high workloads
After the first week of teaching classes and communicating with students online, many teachers felt it’s an educational experience that seems to be going well. But there was some frustration about things going wrong as well. Read more

Oscar Wildebeest
Also interesting
Why break with tradition? ‘I’ve never enjoyed singing the Io Vivat’
The new university song was supposed to be heard for the first time this Thursday, during the Dies celebration. The song by Rosa Falkenburg will replace the traditional songs Gaudeamus Igitur and the Io Vivat. But why break with this tradition? Read more

Disagreement amongst student parties: elections or no elections?
The elections for student members for the university council and faculty councils, scheduled for late April, will be postponed. The National Election Office says that given the current corona crisis, it’s not possible to find candidates or campaign at the moment. Student parties in the University Council are now arguing about possible solutions. Read more

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