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Research paints painful image of housing international students in Utrecht
International students feel abandoned by the university. They also claim to be discriminated against by other students. This is the conclusion of a scientific article by a Utrecht researcher. Read more

Residents De Sterren are fed up with partying internationals
Ever since students Younes and Hidde can remember, there has been trouble in student complex De Sterren: the international students regularly keep them awake at night. Read more

Strategic plan 2025: What will the UU’s challenging ambitions be?
What should education and research look like in 2025? What changes can we expect to see in the coming years? The university and its faculties will answer these questions in a new strategic plan. Six study groups have already made some titillating suggestions. Read more

Win tickets for The Growlers in TivoliVredenburg
What’s going on with the Buys Ballot building?
"It would be lovely if we could open a window in here.” It’s a lament DUB hears often during a walk around the Buys Ballot building. Many of the students and employees in the building are complaining. Read more

Marleen Stikker: ‘Cyber security isn’t rocket science’
Why should students put their privacy at stake in WhatsApp groups or Google Docs? Do not put up with this any longer, says internet pioneer and privacy activist Marleen Stikker. “As student or teacher, it’s okay to be difficult.” Read more

University checks students and employees from Wuhan coming to Utrecht
The university is in contact with students and employees who are coming to Utrecht from China this semester. The travel history of those coming from the Wuhan area will be checked. Students and employees who had planned to travel to China in the second semester, are strongly advised not to go. Read more

Growth of international student cohort slows
The number of international students coming to study at Dutch universities is still rising, but this year has seen only moderate growth. International enrolment on master’s degree programmes has remained at almost exactly the same level. Read more

​​​​​​​In Defense of Dutch Directness
blog Navigating the culture of Dutch honesty can take some getting used to – what the Dutch consider honest feedback can sound insulting to others. American exchange student Britt de Visser had a Dutch upbringing and is still adjusting to the cultural difference. She encourages readers to embrace Dutch directness. Read more

Embracing mediocrity
Campus Columnist Uncertainty can paralyze you. Keerthi Sridharan knows this feeling but she also knows she’s not the only one. Read more

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Also interesting
“A Pac-Man is devouring the money for curiosity-driven science”
Even the most renowned scientists are constantly having to fight for their funding and there is ever less scope for curiosity-driven research. The balance is gone, asserts Bert weckhuysen from the commission of science association KNAW. Read more

The Minister says: It’s the working language, stupid!
Minister Van Engelshoven will not bar the University of Twente from adopting English as its working language. She informed the House of Representatives that only a court could do this. Read more

DUO is becoming friendlier, says departing top executive
DUO used to be a much less friendly organisation than it is today, says departing executive Hans Schutte. After years of budget cuts, Schutte believes that scope has been created for customer-friendly ideas. Read more

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